Millennial Life

Overcome Depression as a Youngster.

I just want to share this message to fully express what I want to showcase to help the people in this world. I know that a lot of you are struggling in life. A lot. I am just  a normal kid but with high hopes and big aspirations and I know we have the same thing. It’s hard to do all the things we love at once right? I know we have a lot of dreams and we want to accomplish them as fast as we can and we end up not finishing what we started because we get disappointed so fast after our baby failures. It’s normal, I get it. That’s me, that’s you, that’s almost everyone. We are millenials. The most creative, passionate, ambitious, soft hearted, hasty, whatever you wanna call it generation. I am not generalizing everyone but one thing I am sure about us, we give up so easily and we get depressed so much about small problems.

Depression sucks but we must learn to love the struggle. I know some people can’t handle the pain that’s why I am doing this to help each one of you to surmount all the heartaches. Learn to love it. It takes time but you should. We are individuals, we have individual dreams in life and life stories. I don’t know about yours but I hope you will keep going to whatever you want to accomplish in life no matter what. This has nothing to do with age, race or ability. Everyone needs this message. If you’re still (watching) reading this,  you are amazing! I know you have a big dream. Continue reading, It will be worth it, I promise.

I am here to share my thoughts that is going on my mind and somehow this is my story. I’m 21. Young and Foolish. You probably thinking that I’m too young to share my story but what’s stopping us from doing the things we want? The opinions of other people? Let me tell you this kid, no matter what you are or who you are, people will always have something to say about you. That’s a fact. Let’s not fall into the rat race of letting other people to set our very own standard. Know what you are really capable of, know your worth, and learn how to love yourself with no exception. Accept who you really are and the right people will come in your life. That’s what successful mindset is all about. I believe that I’ve been challenged by life so bad but I am always grateful for all my struggles. It has made me to who I am today and it will help me to who I will become someday. A lot of people won’t get your dream, I guarantee you that and sometimes it’s just you who will get it. Even your family or closest friends won’t understand your aim in life and that’s why you read stuff like this because I know you are looking for answers on what you should do and what you should follow. What I can say is, follow your heart. Just keep going and practice everyday.

Practice makes everything fall into the right place.
Doing small things that you believe, will benefit your own success someday. It will add up to the bigger picture you are visualizing. That’s why you should put effort on things you believe will make you successful. I know sometimes we ask ourselves, Am I doing the right thing? or Am I going into the right path? Or is this gonna be worth all my sacrifices in the end? We always ask these questions, right? I mean if you have a definite goal, a clear objective on what you truly want in life, everything that you are doing, even small things, it will matter for you and it will make you happy because you know in the end, your effort, your hardships and sacrifices will definitely pay off someday. Keep on believing that everything will be at your hands in the right time.

We can’t really tell when will be our last day in this world and that’s why let’s make the most out of the things that matter. Especially and most importantly, the things that make you happy. We all deserve happiness and abundance. Let’s not be driven by money, fame, possession and greed. I know money is important but you don’t really need that much you know. We need money for survival, we need money to pay all our bills, obligations and some sort of unimportant stuff like our wants but after all money is useless until is it used in a right way right? So If you focus first on what makes you happy, then money and riches will follow. Opportunities will flow in your life once you focus on your craft first. If you’re happy writing books, do it. If you’re happy dancing, do it. If you are happy making people happy, do it. Whatever that makes you happy, don’t hesitate to do it. Nothing can beat a man who is willing to do everything just to make themselves and other people happy. Just don’t do stupid stuff and that can hurt people.
There is no such thing as something for nothing and getting without giving. Let’s always give back to the community. Happiness is the real riches, it’s the truth. Being grateful and happy for the things you have right now is the key to life. Sounds lame? Well, if you still don’t get it.  Practice gratitude. You need it.

Happiness is the real truth.  

Russell Detablan

You wonder why successful people always tell us to practice gratitude first? It’s because feeling grateful despite all the hardships and adversities in life, will give us realizations about what’s really going on around us. And if you’re saying that I am not a successful person, yet I am sharing this as if I am a very successful and experienced man. Well, watch me become. See? I believe so much in myself and I hope you will do the same thing.

The life you are complaining right now is a dream of millions of people in this world. It’s for real. Let’s say, you complain about not having the latest phone because your friend
just got the latest Iphone and he bragging about it and everyone is cheering for him, he felt glorious about it, you think it’s cool and you want to feel the same thing too, so you ask your parents to upgrade your older phone even if it’s still working so good without realizing the sacrifices your parents has made just to buy the phone you have, to fulfill your satisfaction and happiness, not theirs. You need to appreciate the things you have right now because there are people out there that doesn’t have cellphones to call  their family when they feel lonely because they can’t afford to buy one.

So if you are complaining about something,think about those people that are suffering just to get the position where you are right now, the things you have and the people you go along with. Just to have that kind of food you are about to eat, just to sleep in that air conditioned room every night, just to have a genuine family that will love you and support you for your dream, just to have a roof over their heads and so much many more yet you are always complaining. Think about those people. See? You are so damn blessed to have that position in your life and  if you are not happy about it? Then do something to change it. Nothing will ever happen and nothing will ever change if you won’t take action.

I know a lot of you are blaming your family, your friends, your environment, etc. about all your sufferings in your life but actually, you are the one who is in control of your life.
You are the one who will react about the circumstances you are facing. You are the one in control of your actions. You are the one in control of your thoughts and you are the one to choose either you feel bad or good about it. You choose your action. You choose your result. if you want positive result, do positive actions. The same thing about success. You want to be successful, do successful habits. Law of attraction. What you think is what you become and what you do is what your outcome. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. You choose your fate.

Follow your intuition. Follow your gut. It’s always right.

Russell Detablan

And if you are just on your couch watching non sense tv ads, criticizing people on social media and eating shitty chips, you will be stuck there forever. Think about that. Ask yourself,  do you deserve this kind of life? And if your answer is no then you must do something to change it. Action speak louder than words. Deeds, and not words are what count most.  So jump off on that couch and start thinking about what you should do to make your lifestyle better.

Don’t talk and talk because nothing will happen, but if you work your ass off, well atleast something will happen. Little by little. Slow progress than no progress at all. There are times when our plans and expectations won’t happen but hey don’t feel bad about it. It’s doesn’t mean that your plan is not working, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of that,  it means you deserve more, that’s why it takes more action, more failure and more trial and error to get to the very top of your game.

That is why keep doing the things you do even if it seems impossible, because it is only impossible until you have done it. You probably heard or saw this line on posts and podcasts but just few individual understood it; the ones with successful mindset like you. You do it it’s because of you, for your own good, for your future and for the betterment of your life.  You do it because you believe it is the right thing to do even if most people find it wrong or even find it crazy and ridiculous and that’s fine. Don’t let them control over you, especially your emotions because you might get distracted from reaching your dream. You’ll lose if you let them.

Don’t let anyone say about what you should do because you will never activate your full potential. If you let them so, then you will be a worker for somebody else’s dream forever. I’m not trying to say that you’re not gonna follow what your boss says, what I’m saying is, don’t let somebody tell you what you should do in your life. You get it? If you have a job that you don’t like it then you need to save up some good amount of money to get out of that cage and pursue your passion. If you don’t have money yet, well start saving now. Be Smart.

You are lucky if you don’t need money to start up your passion. Everything we need is already within us, I mean if you can imagine having it, you can have it. I know it sound so crazy and I know you are thinking that I am fooling you but as what successful people say, if you can imagine it, you can have it. I said it twice so that you will really get it.
You’re welcome.

If you really want something so bad as bad as you breathe, then you will be successful at whatever you want to accomplish. Keep going and if you’re still reading this. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL INDIVIDUAL and I mean that.

I am doing this is because I know you deserve a no regret kind of life. We all are actually, but just few are willing to take risks and only few make it happen because they lack courage.  You’re probably asking what you need to do right now? Well, All I can say is, you should have a burning desire. Know your definite purpose in your life. How you will find it? Well, I need you to put time for yourself. If you complain about not giving time for yourself because you are working all the time or you are studying all the time,
then you must eliminate the unnecessary habits, like opening your phone first thing in the morning. That’s what most people do these days. I was like that before but I have learned my lesson. Instead of opening your phone first thing in the morning, open up your windows and practice gratitude. Learn to appreciate the goodness in life. Embrace the warmth of the bright sun which tells us that there is always hope and everything will be better someday. Let’s be thankful for everything. Let’s be gracious.

Right now, you are asking again on how I did it. Well, I tell you this, go into a silent place where there is a serene environment, in the bathroom if you want(just don’t bring your phone though) or  even inside your closet where there is complete silence. It’s really up to you. In that area, you will be able to connect with yourself, your mind, your soul and your purpose and your why.  Just wait and give time. You may find it weird and crazy, you may not get it at first but if you keep on giving time for yourself and practice it, you will be able to connect with your  subconcious mind, where your unique ideas and your great potential flows. Again, give time for yourself. Just sacrifice for a little.

This is the time to first try it. Please try it. Don’t take this for granted because I know you always do. Nothing will be taken out of you if you just try it.  At Least you will know what you will feel once you’ve done it. So go try it!

I feel excited about what you will feel after doing it. Make sure you tell me what you feel.
But for now, I will end it here but don’t worry! I am still and will always do more stuff like this to inspire everyone including myself. I hope this will reach to everyone and
let’s help one another. Spread the love, spread the positivity and spead the success.
Thank you for watching! You deserve this message. Have a great day!

Whatever dream you are holding right now, It will definitely become true if you get out of that shitty couch right now.

Russell Detablan


Until you feel light in your head, loose in your body, tingling. Those are the positive symptoms.

Wim Hof

It was January 02, 2019. I woke up 5:00 A.M and I felt so good and pumped to go drink my cup of aromatic coffee early in the morning. I was the only one awake at this time. It gave me a sense of leadership and power to control things by my terms. Seizing the moment. And of course, I got dressed tip top and headed straight to the mountain park and got my mind & body working. Running. The remedy I believe I need to activate fully throughout the day. I run for an hour and do plan my goals for the day afterwards.

Every time I run, I always feel so excited about what life is gonna reward me after this. Sounds so hilarious but that’s just it. I act and feel it that way. After I run, I don’t just go head home and start my day doing chores without taking an hour of self-growth/actualization/fulfillment. I always look for a place where I feel like I am in the middle of the amazon where there is just nature all over around me or even where I feel to go and sit around. I start inhaling and exhaling with full sway then I start reading. I always get excited every time I’m about to do it. Reading just activates the nerves and vibrations of my mind that I thought it’s a very strange for a human’s mind to occur. I can feel the tingling and activation of my sixth sense which is the Creative Imagination that a lot of humans don’t really use in their lifetime. Second-rate as a result of it. If you get me, you’re exceptional! you know the flow. Every time I pause, I feel like everything is just like in a movie, like a fogazzi jumanji where everywhere is surreal but it’s so vibrant and broadly clear. It is extremely inconceivable to humans in my opinion. Everything feels like moving so smoothly and in harmony; led my mind to reminisce the places/events I had during my childhood days. The good days.

So this happened…

I stopped my motorcycle in the middle of the road just to write this and that was so strange, I’ve never done such things like this in my entire life. It was so unusual but it was real so I took advantage of it and I started writing while the rhythm was still on. I put on my ear pods and played the song of my choice, a groovy one. Then some sort of motivation start to present itself.

Life is so appreciable. It must be acclaimed and to be exalted. We should be slap with the truth that we only have fucking ONE life to live and we should indeed make the most out of it. You don’t have to be assure and safe to start doing, to start acting towards your dream. All you need is yourself and your decision to get things done. I believe that everything is a state of mind. What we feed our mind will be the influence of the outcome. What you decide today, will have impact your upcoming events in your life. It’s crazy how I treat my life at its highest rate where I just appreciate all the things I do have right now. I am rich by choice not by my circumstances. Man, I have a lot of dreams but I only have one purpose, one gift. That is to make a difference in this world that is full of hate and negativity. I want to influence and make a change. I don’t care about the critics, it’s a waste of time. I care about the support, that goes with my rhyme. I know I am still doing the qualities to get there and with no doubt it will happen in time. I believe in myself so much that no one can stop me from chasing my dream. So, to anyone reading this, including myself; that whatever dream you are holding, you will and you can achieve it because I BELIEVE IN YOU. I am writing this because I’ve reached my Infinite Intelligence where the world is completely astonishing. I am surrounded with God’s greatest creation and everything is moving with life. Damn, I don’t know how can I explain this feeling; very bizarre. It’s like everything vibrates just like in an ocean of motion. This is AMAZING! It’s just the world is so beautiful man if you appreciate and connect with it. For real. Activate your Creative Imagination and see what happens. Before I end this, I want to tell everyone to not stop discovering and exploring their great potential given by God and to not stop chasing it until they get the full picture of what their mind and soul are telling them to do. To continue despite all the adversities in life.


I don’t care about the critics, it’s a waste of time. I care about the support, that goes with my rhyme.


Finish 2018 Strong

Enjoying the journey, not the price.

It’s like a game, you don’t focus on either you win or lose. You focus on looking for that one last enemy to bring him down and win. It’s about how you killed the enemy that made you won the game.

Russell Detablan

Alright. Straight up. 2019 is gonna be my fucking year! 2018 was a hell of a ride but overall it wasn’t really my year, for most of us I guess. I had my internship at a prestigious ski resort in North California which is Squaw Valley Resort and that was my 1st experience working abroad. Damn, it was hell and I was depressed like shit. I felt alone, I tried some dope thing because I thought it would help me lift up my strong emotions, I was away from my loved ones (family), My mom got so sick and needs an operation, I need to pay unreasonable debts, full of toxic shit and most of all, failures. As I treat them. I mean this is just few of all the emotions and situations I engaged in 2018.

It was pretty rough that I was so down about how things go you know even how I react about small things, even small problems that most people find it bullshit you know. It was completely nonsense. When 2018 just started, I start feeling shitty and I was so down probably because of work, situation, lifestyle and how people look over me, my appearance. My acne got worse, I got so skinny like a dumb fuck lightmatch, I got addicted to a mobile kiddie game, I didn’t really have time to give time for myself and I was always procastinating every fcking day man. The result, I felt honestly horrible and unmotivated and super shit. I felt that I didn’t belong in this world and I felt like I was so unlucky the fact that I faced adversity every single time. I lose sight and spark of my purpose and most of all, I thought like all the problems are being thrown at me so frequently that I started to think about just to settle a mediocre average life. I’m just kidding. I don’t want to live there. We deserve more to life. Life is so much more than you think. Life is a gift. Life should be lived abundantly and on purpose right? Go along.

Life’s a gift. Find what’s yours.

It’s amazing how you look back to your past life/self and you are here right now becoming better and better every day. I believe that the journey is what always matter. Most people aim for the price and that’s why they fail because they lose hope after oppositions and because they don’t realize that it takes a lot of ups and downs to get that very top of their game. I just truly believe that if you enjoy working on something you desire despite all the hardships and sorrows, one fucking day, your success will tap on your shoulder and will say, you’ve made it my friend. Can you fucking imagine that? Who doesn’t want that to happen in their lives right? Everyone wants that but only few are willing to take risk and win. Why? because they are lazy and procrastinator period. A lot of successful people had failed a million times and even made tons of mistakes just to get that position they enjoy living right now, that abundant life as you say. You wonder why these people who excel at the very top ask for a price everytime you ask for advices or render a service from them? It’s because it took them years to develop a strong foundation on how to become successful and on how to achieve the greatness within. They gather all these techniques, habits, experiences, knowledge and write it on books, stream it on videos and podcasts. Everytime we see an advertisement about successful people telling how they accumulated millions of dollar and they advertise their services, don’t just skip it. Listen to what they say. Most of them offer free services or give free books that would technically change your life forever. I noticed that almost all of them have the same principles. I mean, they may not say it straight to the point but the idea behind every words/phrases they say, is completely the same. Phrases like ‘ never give up’, ‘read daily’, ‘do not procrastinate’, ‘take action ‘ ‘be persistent’ ‘have courage’ ‘fail 7 times, stand up on 8’ are examples of their wisdom that they implemented in their perspective lives to achieve greatness.

Every pro was once a beginner.

But, most people don’t get it. People take it for granted. They just let it pass without fully realizing the true meaning of those powerful phrases. I look back to the old me and I get so fascinated on who I am becoming. I am a completely changed person, I mean, a better and happy person. I feel so alive right now and I promise to make 2019 my greatest year of my life. I will do whatever it takes to get there. I didn’t really expect things to go this way because everything just fell into place. I am the type of person that doesn’t settle until I get the things I desire mosts get done. Big or small. I don’t care for as long as it gives me a sense of achievement, a sense of completion. I set little goals everyday like to eat breakfast at the right time and it’s just so amazing how you crushed out those other goals you’ve accomplished for that day. An admiral in navy seal once said, If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right. True fact. Let’s keep being positive and let’s finish 2018 strong. I know that 2018 wasn’t really my year but I truly thank God for the struggle. It has made me realize a lot of important things in life on what matters and what doesn’t. We are in control of our situations and we are the ones in control of our future. Always be happy and keep the negativity out of the vocabulary. Cheers for the upcoming era of the rising lion. Two thousand fucking nineteen is gonna be mine. Salute!

“Always be happy and keep the negativity out of the vocabulary”

-Russell Detablan